Friday, September 11, 2015

When you get poor.....

It's been awhile since there was paid work on the farm with a steady paycheck rolling in... we are seasonal workers, logging in the bush and this year the season of no work has been a lot longer than it normally is.  We have had to bring back some of the 'old ways'
Today' resurrected 'old way' came up when Mr. said he would really like some bread. Now, we don't' eat much bread and often the chickens, ducks and pigs enjoy the last bits of the loaf because we don't eat a loaf fast enough.
When one goes to town and sees the price of a loaf of bread that might not get all eaten up... well it just ain't worth it.

So I got to thinking... hey, I have a bread maker and I have flour and yeast... hee hee...(insert picture of me rubbing my hands in glee)  I can make my own bread! (yes I know I could make a whole pile of bread like my grandma did  - baking all day long but remember, we don't eat a lot of bread)

And wouldn't you know it... here I had all the ingredients all along to be making my own bread... what was I thinking?
The bread machine is currently working away to make us a lovely loaf of homemade bread... I might get to like this idea and I know The Mr. will like it a lot.

I can see home grown cucumbers on homemade bread sandwiches for supper tonight... maybe some home grow bacon on top of a homegrown tomato, sliced on a homemade slice of bread.... or maybe some home grown eggs alongside some home grown bacon with some homemade bread made into toast... OH, and I have home made jam too... aren't we on a roll now.

Who said when you don't have any cash laying around that you are poor... I feel richer already!  :)

I can smell the bread a cookin!

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