Monday, August 31, 2015

Fire Sun Over the Badlands of Alberta

Sun shining through the smoke of the fires of 2015 - over the Badlands of Alberta

Kitchen Magic

I don't work in the kitchen often because I'd rather be outside. BUT I do love to learn ways to use the plants that grow around us and last spring I picked all the wild rose flowers and steamed them into 'rose water'  I dumped out the cleaner in this pretty, handy little bottle and put the rose water in there. I have kept it in my fridge since then and it's still good.  I take a little cotton ball and soak it in the rose water and use it to freshen up my face and skin.  It is so refreshing and smells so wonderful.It amazes me every time I try something like this - just how simple these things are.  And how wonderful it is to make your own... and save so much much money doing it.  

This is just my little reminder  - if there is something that you want to try... go ahead and give it a shot... you never know - it just might work out and make your world that much better... let nothing hold you back ESPECIALLY your own worry or fear or even your lack of knowledge. You will learn as you go and learn from your mistakes.  
Whether it be learning how to make rose water or sky diving... go for it. <3

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Hello From the Farm

I have a facebook page that I have kept running for a few years. It was all the cutesy things that happen on my little farm.
BUT... times change and things happen and I felt that I needed to change things up a little.  My FaceBook page was all the happy and full of the fun stuff... But - You know what?.... Life ain't all fun stuff... Shit happens and life can get messy at times.
I started to feel the need to be more real and honest about things and I also have sooo many words in my head that want to come out - so I thought maybe a blog would be a better place to write them all down.
This way... I can write to my hearts content and not worry if anyone reads it and likes it and comments on it like Face Book sets us up for.
My Blog can be for me... and should someone want to come along for a ride...welcome aboard... no need to comment, or like or interact... just read and know that you aren't alone in a world full of crazy and upside down happenings.
I have also come to realize that women need each other so this will be geared to the woman who walk the walk with us... the ones who tend to carry the load alone and think that no one would understand.
Sometimes we think that shit only happens to us and then one day we realize that other people go through things exactly the same as we do.... and thats when we can find our smile, and laugh at our silliness, because we are no longer alone and the load is no longer so heavy and we can walk with our hands around our friends shoulders and laugh at the crazy shit that life throws our way.
So welcome to the crazy train - where I will share the good, the bad and the ugly all in one place.  I will keep it real. Sometimes real isn't a nice thing.
As the title says... we are a Molting Bunch... sometimes our feathers just up and fall out - some days we don't want to comb our hair or put on that make up... some days we end up in town wondering what the smell is - only to see when we get home,that the chicken shit was on OUR own shoe.....
And then when our feathers grow back well wouldn't you know... the next day we wake up and feel like we have the whole basket of eggs safely in our hands... the world lays at our feet and we can do anything.......

Oh this is gonna be fun!

View about the farm