Monday, September 28, 2015

Sky Ponderings...

As we all rushed outside to look at the moon last night, watching it go through the changes of it's Super Moon, Blood Red Moon, Full Moon Closest to the Autumn Equinox Moon....I had to stop and think....
The sky was brilliant, the stars were shimmering, the late September air was warm, there were no mosquitoes, and on the breeze was the smell of wood smoke and autumn leaves. It was the perfect backdrop to sit and ponder for a little while

I stopped, lean way back, and gaze at the heavens. When the moon was at it's full eclipse stage, the sky was like black velvet with a sprinkle of glitter on it. Then when the moon passed out of the Earth's shadow, there was enough light to go for a walk. The stars dimmed but the glimmer of moonlight on everything was just as peaceful.

I thought about our grandparents who didn't have tv and internet or cell phones with wi-fi, maybe some didn't even have electric lights in the house... and all that non plugged in time that they had to sit and enjoy these same heavens.  They would gaze up and think and ponder and come up with some good thoughts.  They looked up and filled their brain with great ideas.
How often do we spend our time in front of an artificial light, with our heads down and let someone else do our thinking for us.

Taking that time to think and look up and realize that the heavens are so big and I am really quite a small speck in the grand scheme of things helps put me back in my place.
I thought, who am I to even dream that I am anything amazing? Yet at the same time I realize that little Me is just as important as one of those little stars or that moon that is being covered by the Earth's shadow. My place in this world is just as worthy as the moon that comes peeping out from the shadows.  Maybe I might get feeling a little 'eclipsed' by events at times but I dare not lose sight that my light still needs to shine so when the time is right, there I am, still shining bright like the moon, steadfast and reliable, or like the stars, still twinkling away no matter what happens around them.

Looking up at the moon and watching an event that will not happen again until 2033 and realizing that I was watching one of those 'once in a lifetime' sort of events, I felt humbled and honoured. And it made me thankful that I could take time to be part of something so special.

I wondered what our grandparents would have thought if they would have watched the Super Moon Eclipse. I am sure it would have been some kind of sign to them - that they would have read something special into the event.

Maybe someone watching such an event might even have asked their special someone to marry them. Wouldn't that be a special kind of night to always remember?

I was glad to have those few hours to slow my mind down and take time to think about things other than, 'what I am going to do tomorrow,' or what show I was going to watch tonight. I was glad for the wake up to get back to the basics of life and take a little time to just sit and think. It's too bad that it takes the total eclipse of the moon to make us sit still and think about the grandness of the universe though.