Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Some of the Damaged yet still loved Kritter Krew that live here....

One Ear - a very prolific male bunny that insists that his bloodline go on and and on and on....
He lost his ear as a wee baby. I have no idea why the other bunnies wanted to bite off his ear?!

Poor Momma Bun... she had her nose scratched off protecting her babies one time... she has no nose pad any more... yet she can still wiggle her little soft nose quite cutely.

One of the meat birds we hatched out here on the farm... twisted toes... but that's okay because we don't eat the feet anyway....

One Eye - one works... this one doesn't.  In a fight or during play - she had it scratched and it never got better.  She keeps having baby bunnies though. 

And then there are the ones who prefer to drink the muddy shitty water when the clean water is only 3 steps farther.... I don't get it!

Bitten as a baby on the ear... she's still a good momma bunny.

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