Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Things to Ponder on a Rainy day

 All I can do is shake my head this morning.
Let me paint you the picture....


It's raining outside.
It's been raining for about 3 days now.
Not much work can be done out at the shop.
Mr. keeps getting shocks from the welding cables when he tries to fix his machines because of the wetness.
So....Coffee cups keep getting filled up and drank down.
Neighbour comes over and two men sit and commiserate together about the weather and all the things they can't get done.

Someone says:
"We should go fishing, we can't do anything else."
"We could sit there and smoke cigarettes and fish all day."

And the adventure starts. One has to get the minnows out of the freezer, one has big garbage bags to pull over themselves to keep dry. One needs to find fishing hooks, one needs to go home and get rubber boots.Someone is off to find 5 gallon pails to sit on. 'Make sure you bring your warm jacket - last time I froze my butt off out there.'

I am directed to fill up the coffee thermos and get them ready.
Now, everyone is off and doing something on this cold and rainy day...

And as I am putting the lids on the coffee thermos, I am asked...

"Are you okay with this, dear?"

What? are you kidding me... I have to stop for a moment and check my ears.  Yup, I hear correctly... he stands there looking at me... and says... "Well, I mean, did you have plans to go anywhere or anything?"

Humm... PLEASE... get out of my space and go fishing already, would ya!!!!
It's like I used to feel when I would send my kids off to school... as the last one walks out of the door I sigh, and sit down for a cup of coffee and peace and quiet and thank my lucky stars for the blessed life I live.  Now, where did I leave my good book?  :)


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