Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Autumn Equinox

It's coming right up... that time of reflecting and of gathering and of giving thanks for the food that we grew and the sunshine that warmed up our summer days.  Now it's time to send that lovely sunshine to our friends on the other side of the world so they can look forward to a season of growing.

I plan on lighting a candle and taking some time to think about the bountiful blessings that I enjoyed this summer.  But first - to get the potatoes dugs and set to drying so I can bring them in.. and the carrots and the beets and cabbage.. almost everything else is in already and is in some form of processing in my kitchen.
Last night was a hard frost.  One that left ice crystals on the picnic table for me to see when I got up.
Thank goodness it wasn't hard enough to hurt the hoses or animal waterers.
We spent some time this week putting fresh chickens into the freezer and soon will be hunting season so there should be enough meat to keep us for the winter.  There is a sheep in the pen that is destined for the freezer soon and a pig too.
I think we will be okay... now if I could only grow coffee - we'd be even better.  Or maybe people need to start drinking more tea around here.  I have that one covered with my herb garden. :)
Have a great Mabon. )o(

A great place to learn more about celebrating this balance day of equinox that only happens 2 times a year is here: 

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