Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reasons to Laugh

My momma sent me this list of reasons to laugh:

There is a long list of attributes and benefits to laughter. Here is a sample:

Laughter and worry cannot coexist.
Laughter reduces stress, including the levels of hormones associated with stress.
Laughter enhances the immune system, and makes it function better.
Laughter stimulates physical healing.
Laughter is rejuvenating and regenerating.
Laughter relaxes muscles throughout the body.
Laughter reduces pain in both duration and intensity.
Laughter is the opposite of anger. (Mothers have long known that if their child begins to lose their temper, they can stop the process by doing something to make their child laugh.)
Laughter balances brain hemispheres--left and right--the rational and the emotional sides of the brain.
Laughter reduces blood pressure.
Laughter can alleviate the discomfort of the flu or the common cold.
Laughter is aerobic, and oxygenates the body and brain.
Laughter makes you sing better. (Lee is our Church Choir Director and there is always a lot of joking and laughter during our practices. People comment on how good our choir sings.)
Laughter is a gentle and beneficial cardiac workout.
Laughter helps you cope with the daily challenges of life.
Laughter enhances your creativity. (Mozart, one of the most prolific composers in history, had a good sense of humor and liked to joke.)
Laughter is good for relationships of all kinds.
Laughter is sexy.
Laughter opens the heart.
Laughter makes learning easier. (As a teacher and college professor, I always made it a point to evoke at least one good laugh from every class.)
Laughter gives a glimpse of freedom from the mind and the restrictions of a rational world.
Laughter is a Spiritual experience, a brief touch of Joy, which is one of the attributes of God, and which leads to another Divine attribute, Love.

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