Friday, September 25, 2015

Feeling Thankful for This Day

Have you ever just wanted to give the big old world a good squeeze... try and say thank you for winning the birth lottery that you live in a part of the world where you can wake up in a warm house and pour yourself a cup of morning jolt, where the dogs are happy to see you, where the mist is warm on your face as you stand at the window or on the deck and look out over the lovely autumn colors.
Where the sounds that you hear are the sounds of the geese and cranes flying south and your chickens yawning and stretching their wings as they greet the new day.
When you realize that you don't have to hurry scurry off anywhere and there are no children to drag out of bed and hurry through breakfast and onto the school bus or worry if they have enough money for lunch at the university after they pay their rent in the big city this month.
Have you ever sat there and pondered your blessings over your morning cuppa and been thankful for the people who make your day special in so many ways, by phone calls, or text messages, or quick and funny posts on your Facebook page... or even the ones who are silent because they know that you are doing okay this week.
Have you ever been thankful for the work you did in the garden the last few days even if it was hard work and made muscles tired that you haven't used for a while, because now the air is misting and the wind is blowing and you can enjoy a day inside without feeling guilty but you know that you have enough food ready to put away that will keep your family fed for a while through the cold winter months.
Have you ever had those moments of such intense gratitude for all that you have been given that you just want to give the world a squeeze... but all you can do is have another sip of coffee as your dog snores at you feet with the warm Autumn mist on your face watching the geese fly past.


  1. Great moments, great thoughts. And please say hello to the geese for us as they fly past! We will be seeing them soon. Love you this morning!!! :-)

  2. Such a wonderful description of a beautiful feeling... I have fleeting experiences of this feeling, especially this time of year, even while things are stressful, and they keep me feeling alive. My evening walks are when I can really breathe it all in and get "drunk" on the fall air lol ;). Then, of course, there's that first ecstatic sip of morning coffee... Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and your life <3

    1. I am glad you get to feel this way at times to Rachel... it's not every day but even once in a while, it makes you stop and just wanna love the whole world.
      Yes, walking is a great way to feel it too. I love to walk into the sunset in the evening and just soak it up.But then I have to walk back home into the dark.....