Thursday, September 3, 2015

Little Peep and Me

I just spent the last hour down at the barnyard... with a chicken on my lap.  I have notice that one of the home hatched chicks is quite friendly and today he/she was following me around peep peeping behind me.  I stopped to chat and we ended up best of friends!  :)
We sat and watched the ducks have a bath and attempt to have sex in the tub.  We watched the geese get all excited over the sex in the tub show.
We watched the baby piggies escape from their pen and run lickity split all over the yard, kicking up their heals in sheer joy on their escape. Their discovery over sheep shit was a most hilarious sight if I have ever seen one!
We yelled at Lady Dog for chasing the outside bunnies and we eat mosquitoes... well, Little Peep did, I just swatted them!
I had a lovley little time watching the show while Little Peep took a nap on my arm.  Then it was time for bed and Little Peep had to go home to her/his hoop house.
I have raised many many chickens and never had one that would be my friend but today - to be loved by a chicken...well, now my life is complete!
I wonder where this story will end?

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