Friday, September 4, 2015

Play with me Damn it!

It's that kind of a day.  The kind you want to stay under the covers for just a little bit longer and have someone else start the coffee.
The kind of day when you don't want to go out to do the chores even when you know the Kritter Krew is just as cold and hungry as you are.
It's the kind of day that Lady Dog wants you to play and play and play with her...... Damn it!  Just get off your duff and DO SOMETHING!!
Sigh.... okay ..... I'm off my duff... are you happy now?


  1. Me too, me too!!! Hope you and the Krew have the loveliest of days :)

    1. The sun is shining now... though the wind is still blowing... May the sun shine on you today too. <3