Tuesday, September 1, 2015

We are a Molty Bunch

Yup, some days life can just ruffle your feathers right up!
There are a few hens on this farm that look like this... caused by over loving roosters and molting season and sitting on too many eggs and not looking after themselves...

HEY !  Are you getting the message here?

If you wanna look all calm and unruffled then you gotta stop sitting on all those eggs and trying to make them into good little chicks... and you just gotta find yourself a secret little spot that the roosters can't get to...
And on those days... or weeks that you feel like shit... take care of you because if you don't then you will start to loose your feathers and look like a molting hen... and that ain't a pretty sight!!!
So - the rules to help you remain pretty are.. 

1) No Males (not too many or too often anyway)

2) No children
3) ME time...
It's simple really - Damn it!!!!

Oh ya, and once in a while a good hen party really helps you too. <3

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