Monday, September 7, 2015

Get out of your head!!

Today was a lesson in love for me:

I told my Mr. that I had a date with some friends for coffee this morning.  He got up early and went fishing - with our only pick up truck... my coffee date time came around and he wasn't home yet... 4 hours later.
I started to get a little upset.  I started thinking those ugly thoughts like: He doesn't even respect me enough to get home in time so I could use the pick up.  He knows I don't ask to go visiting often. He doesn't think MY things are important.  When ever I go anywhere, he expects me to be home in record time and I damn well better check in if I'm going to be late....
The thoughts started to tumble harder and faster and darker....

I caught up with all my chores and called one of my friends to have her pick me up.  I wasn't going to miss out just because someone was too disrespectful to be home in time for me to do my thing.
Then just as I was cleaning up the kitchen I noticed a little note on the chalkboard that he had left me this morning at 5:30 when he went fishing....

Like a big old fat balloon... I felt my anger fade away... and then I realized that he was just enjoying his fishing time and had completely forgotten about the time.  He didn't mean to make me late - he just forgot.

Then the phone rang and he was all apologetic... and so sorry that he forgot.... I had already forgiven him so it was all good....  Thank goodness for a small note that helped me get my head back in the game again.

I just wanted to remind you all - sometimes a simple note will set things right... and hey... sometimes our biggest enemy is our own head!  Get out of your head!!!!

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  1. Awww...loved this...hope you receive more notes like this in the future. And you're right- a little communication can go a looong way in letting someone know they're appreciated. And getting out of our own heads- I get stuck there at times- thanks for the reminder <3